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East End Arts is committed to building and enriching our community through the arts by way of education, support, advocacy, and inspiration.

We believe that art in all its forms is vital to life and is committed to enabling artists and the community to affirm that conviction.

East End Arts assumes the essential role of leadership of the arts in all forms with the conviction that the arts are central to living life wholly and creatively; by advocating the proposition that the arts are vital to life; and by promoting interaction of artists with the community and with one another.

East End Arts advocates and actively pursues collaboration with all partners committed to the proposition that arts are vital to life, as the most effectual way of accomplishing their common conviction that art in all its forms is central to living wholly and creatively.

East End Arts advocates and practices inclusion, access, and equal opportunity for all staff, constituencies and consumers of art.

East End Arts believes that its educational programs are the primary means of preparing artists, arts patrons, and the community to live life wholly and creatively through their experience with art in all its forms.

Diversity (the state or fact of being different) may be challenging in the more conventional areas of life, but in the arts being different is cherished, nourished and encouraged. East End Arts knows the diversity of our community is a fundamental strength of our region. We believe when diversity is embraced as a value and practice both the artist and the arts flourish. To make diversity a core and abiding strength is our immediate goal. East End Arts looks forward to welcoming, supporting, advocating for and inspiring new artists willing to explore their own diverse identities. It is our mission and our privilege.