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Artist Showcase Exhibit: Steve Palumbo & Jim Slezak (2018)

East End Arts Member Artist Showcase Exhibit featuring:
Collage artist Steve Palumbo
Photographer Jim Slezak - new series titled ‘Reflections’

September 28 - October 27, 2018

In the East End Arts Gallery, 133 E. Main Street, Riverhead, NY 11901
Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Opening Reception: FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2018, 5:00 - 7:00 PM
Meet the Artists! Refreshments served. Open to the public.

EEA Members receive 10% discount on all purchases.


About the Artists


Steve Palumbo Artist Statement

I was introduced to the Japanese art of chigiri-e about twenty years ago after seeing small collages made of rice and washi papers at a colleague’s home. I was instantly drawn to them.
I like the idea of working with paper.  Paper is organic. It lives and breathes. It tells me, during the process of tearing and pasting, where it wants to live on the canvas and what it wants to be. At times it is frustratingly thin, temperamental and shy – at other times, bold, thick and unbending – but there is always a unique dimension that it brings to my vision, a dimension that paints or pencil simply cannot.
I have recently incorporated torn newsprint and newspaper photo into the classic Japanese papers, deconstructing and then reconstructing them in ways very alien to the original intent and meaning. There is a definite energy that releases during the process of tearing and shredding the paper, which dictates its ultimate rearrangement onto the canvas.  I want the viewer to feel this energy, to put their hand on the surface of the piece and feel the paper breathe along with them - to be able, without even looking, to know the story that is being told.


Jim Slezak Artist Statement – Reflection Series

I try to remind myself to look up and down, behind myself and to my sides to give myself the best chance of finding that which is visually interesting.  I live about four miles from the commercial fishing dock in Hampton Bays.  I have made many trips there with a camera and as a whole I find it filled with eye candy for a photographer.
Although I am usually drawn to the nets, masts, lines, the ships, the docks and so on, I began looking down at the water between the vessels.  This is how I began taking photos of reflections off the gently undulating water in the bright sunlight on July and August mornings.
When I first began looking at the photos alone on my iMac I was taken aback by the images that I caught.  The water showed colors from the hulls and superstructures and railings and lines and moorings.  But these had taken on a magical quality and I was hooked into taking hundreds of shots over the course of two weeks or so.
I adjusted these images very minimally and often relied on Default or Auto settings.  In some cases, a little cropping was helpful. By taking these in the morning before the wind has picked up and by shooting between boats to further reduce the disturbance of the wind the surface is usually not choppy but smoothly rising and falling.  The result is a series of images that invite the viewer to look into the scene often times finding the unexpected.  I hope the viewer gets as much enjoyment from viewing these images as I had making them.


Also on exhibit in the East End Arts Gallery . . .



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