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DETOUR (2019)

Connie Fox

Connie Fox

Friascati Forest, 2012
acrylic on canvas, 48 x 60 in

Connie Fox is an abstract painter who was born into the 1930s dust bowl in Fowler, Colorado. These early images of apocalyptic black clouds and wild orange light that were a result of the blowing clouds of dust were etched into her memory. However, as a child she did not seem to see this as threatening, but simply, as the way things were. In the 1950s she studied art at the University of New Mexico meeting Elaine DeKooning among other important artists. Connie and Elaine became life long friends and it was the urging of DeKooning that caused Fox to move to East Hampton in 1979, where she has painted ever since. Her paintings are a response to her memories, nature, and her surroundings. Janet Goleas a curator/critic in East Hampton has said, “If there is an argument for the existence of an East End School then it would begin in the studio of Connie Fox.” Goleas goes on to say, “Single-minded and a little irascible, the young Fox forged a path that would assimilate the natural world as well as gesture and intuition. In the long arch of Fox’s artistic development, she has maintained an abiding esteem for the artist’s hand.” Fox recently had exhibitions at the Parrish Art Museum, at Guild Hall with her husband the sculptor William King who is now deceased, and Danese/Corey Gallery in Chelsea where her Sammy’s Beach paintings, which were inspired by her daily walks to a beach near her home were shown. She is in the collection of the Brooklyn Museum, Guild Hall, and the Albright-Know Art Gallery among many others, and received a Purchase Award in 2013 from the American
Academy of Arts and Letters.

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“Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.” ~ Anni Albers

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