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Adam Cohen & Robert Moore
February 11 - April 29, 2015

Hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 12 - 10 PM, during lunch and dinner service

Artists' Reception: Sunday, March 1, 2015, 3 - 5 PM
Meet the artists and see their wonderful work.
The public is welcome, admission free.
Featuring local wines and artisanal cheeses, served by the Jamesport Manor Inn.
The Jamesport Manor Inn offers a Sunset & Spirits Prix Fixe dinner immediately following the reception for $29 per person.


Abstract artist Adam Cohen of Roxbury, New York showcases part of his recent Tumultuous Harmonies series in this exhibition. As renowned critic and author Carter Ratcliff has noted, “A painting by Adam Cohen is like a sudden burst of light. Vision is dazzled by a surface alive with color, swarming with incident. As you approach the canvas, it feels as if it were coming up to meet you, to immerse you in a field of visual energy. Stepping back we see that the luminosity of his colors owe much to the contrast provided by patches of dense, lustrous black, thus his joyously high-keyed images emerge from darkness, as day emerges from night. Layering on thick layers of pigment, Cohen cuts into them with a palette knife, tip of a brush or nail. The resulting patterns suggest writing, maps or diagrams. The marks’ disruptive force both accentuates and challenges the harmonies that connect underlying colors into a united field. Calm makes a tentative peace with exhilarated energy and the emotional stakes are raised to new heights of intensity.”

The Koi Dreams photographic works by Robert Moore are reinterpreted here for this exhibition in new and ever vibrant form. Robert is pioneering the use of new and old materials and processes into something entirely original and startling in its physicality and emotional depth. Combining carefully constructed photo-montage images inspired by his dreams and centuries-old Japanese paintings and prints, Robert touches us with the sophistication of his craft. Writ large with beauty and sensitivity, his process lays the delicate application of hand-applied hot wax infusion and cold wax coatings to the surface of his prints. The prints are rendered on very thin, traditional Japanese plant fiber paper. The process is both new and old, with modern print methods combined with traditional hand-rendering techniques that brings us a visual experience that engages our curiosity as much as our emotions. The Koi Dreams convey uncanny depth, luminosity, and vibrant, gem-like color. Eight photographic works from this series are part of Memorial Sloan-Kettering’s permanent art collection in Manhattan. MSKCC’s Art Curator, Sarah Campbell writes, “The work of Robert Moore’s Koi Dreams series combine beautiful, dreamlike content with skillful, formal technique. I am pleased to have Robert’s work in our collection because it is rare to find work that everyone not only likes, but adores.”

Exhibits at the Rosalie Dimon Gallery are a joint effort by East End Arts and the Jamesport Manor Inn to introduce exceptional artists and their work to the East End communities. This program is made possible with public funding provided by Suffolk County.

For more information and to purchase work, contact Jane Kirkwood, East End Arts Gallery Director: 631-727-0900 or

“Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.” ~ Anni Albers

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