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Satellite Gallery Spaces

Scott McIntire & Madeline Daversa
October 30, 2015 - February 3, 2016

Hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 12 - 10 PM, during lunch and dinner service

Artists Reception: Sunday, November 22, 2015, 3 - 5 PM
Meet the artists and see their wonderful work.
The public is welcome, admission free.
Featuring local wines and artisanal cheeses, served by the Jamesport Manor Inn.
The Jamesport Manor Inn offers a Sunset & Spirits Prix Fixe dinner immediately following the reception for $29 per person.


Painter Scott McIntire's hybrid style comes from a courtship with photorealism, pop art, op art, and abstraction. He elevates his subjects to larger than life iconic status and depicts them in vibrant colors using high gloss enamel paint to achieve color intensity and saturation. Color is also part of his subject matter and is reinforced by his repeated use of color bars. Scott comments: "I take elements from my surrounding environment and place them in a new environment of my own making. This new setting consists of my interpretation of the energy fields that surround us. Having a concern about cellular transmissions, radio waves, electromagnetic forces, sounds, climate change, and the human manipulation of our environment I have attempted to make 'the invisible energy fields visible'. I want people to think about what is going on around them and to gain a fuller vision of their environment. Most of the images in this show are from my backyard. I have spent hours photographing the flowers, grasses, weeds, vines and seeds that come into my yards. For the past five years I have been documenting the variety of insects, birds and mammals in my yard and have created photographic book, exhibition and lecture on these findings."

Printmaker Madeline Daversa's artwork reflects a love for the natural environment of Long Island's East End. Her farm landscapes often feature the worker. Where one would usually overlook their presence, they find importance and charm in Madeline's prints. Her prints show figures interacting with nature be it pleasure or work. Madeline finds it very important to showcase the crucial work the Long Island farms are responsible for; not only for growing crops, but also for the preservation of the natural use of land. Madeline comments: "I am captivated by the unending possibilities of printmaking. My artistic inspiration comes from the various techniques and the wonderful surprises that evolve from the different printmaking processes. The basic action of carving wood is absorbing and always challenges me to achieve a level of proficiency. It is relevant to reveal the grain of the wood in my final image. My intaglio prints reveal texture that evolves from the process of multiple experimental bites. I am able to enhance my etching prints with the use of hand colored printing or la poupee. Printmaking is a true inspiration for me."

Exhibits at the Rosalie Dimon Gallery are a joint effort by East End Arts and the Jamesport Manor Inn to introduce exceptional artists and their work to the East End communities. This program is made possible with public funding provided by Suffolk County.

For more information and to purchase work, contact Jane Kirkwood, East End Arts Gallery Director: 631-727-0900 or

“Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.” ~ Anni Albers

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