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Marla Milne
June 6 – September 4, 2014

Greenport artist Marla Milne explains her work and background as an artist in her Artist Statement: “Although I studied painting as an art student at Washington University School of Fine Art (St. Louis); Graphic Design was my final career of choice. It was a great choice. The profession enabled me to travel and work in other countries and to explore the discipline of design through print, film, textiles and computers. The love of travel, on the other hand, is a personal passion. My first extended trip was to Brazil where I survived as a freelance designer, and developed some lifelong relationships including a working relation with the two Austrian art directors at O Globo TV Network. This connection provided me with a skill set and the opportunity to segue into motion graphics. After working in motion graphics for several years I returned to my love of travel and ventured to France where the legal system made freelance difficult.
Following an extended stay in France, I returned to New York in the early days of computer-based design and soon joined the R&D group at Letraset USA to design and manage the development of graphic applications for the nascent Macintosh. In this role I managed the development of the first image editing software, ImageStudio and ColorStudio, to be marketed for personal computing. After leaving Letraset, I was ready to put all of this experience together and began my own interactive media company, BIZdesign, until 9/11/2001 put a stop to the Wall Street budgets that were paying my bills.
In 2006 I returned to painting while accompanying my husband to the tropical lowlands of Bolivia. I knew well in advance that my choice would be to tag along behind scientists searching for fish in bug infested waters or to create my own project. So I prepared myself with a watercolor class offered through Floyd Memorial Library the summer before. When January 2006 arrived, I packed my supplies, a few techniques and began a journey that would lead me down a wonderful path. I had returned to painting with a renewed focus. Perceptual skills used in painting—composition, use of color—had been learned and practiced during 38 years in the graphic arts. The art of observation, a painters greatest tool, is another skill that had been strengthened through the practice of ‘learning’ as I navigated multiple industries, cultures and languages.
The capacity to relay a moment of light and shadow through the fluidity of watercolor will always be my greatest challenge. When I need a break, I turn to oil painting which allows me to restate and clarify. But the magic of watercolor will always lure me back to try again.”

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