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Barbara Pascal
December 12, 2012 – March 10, 2013

In this collection of work, Barbara Pascal seems to be summing up a lifetime of personal impressions, as well as revealing her skills as an expressive painter.

Artist Statement: Barbara Pascal
The visions that visit us during our night-time dreams are often distorted revelations of truths that have been imposed upon us. This collection depicts an explicit narrative of these memories. The paintings draw you in, allowing each to personalize their interpretation. Colored pencil is a tedious medium, and the end result of this artist’s renderings leaves one to question how else it could be done more effectively. In Imaginative Realism, there is a need for strong color contrasts and specific details that only colored pencil can offer. When an artist is young, she paints whatever it is she is seeking. As she ages, she paints what she has found.

The Riverhead Town Hall art exhibits are a collaborative effort on the part of East End Arts and the Township of Riverhead to support local artists and introduce their works to the community. The public is welcome; admission is free.

Riverhead Town Hall is located at 200 Howell Avenue, on the corner of Howell and East Main Street, in Riverhead, NY. The exhibit is open during business hours. 631-727-3200

For more information, contact Jane Kirkwood, East End Arts Gallery Director:
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