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Jackie Stevens
photographer / Northport, NY
December 8, 2014 - February 27, 2015

Jackie Stevens is passionate about documenting and preserving the past by photographing abandoned buildings. She actively seeks and locates abandoned buildings capturing their history and importance. She feels connected to these sites as their history and mystery behind them are uncovered or rediscovered. Her determination comes from sharing these places and to display how we can learn from the past and change and improve our future.

From an abandoned plastic tub factory, to an uninhabited castle, her excitement and drive spills into her work, from the moment she sees the abandoned place for the first time. She is silent and quiet, thinking about the people who were there many years ago, what were they thinking and talking about, what made them laugh and what made them sad. Through her photography, she seeks to document the lives and emotions that once ran through the scene in front of her camera. The connection is strong and shows throughout her work.

Upon her recent travels in Utah, she located an abandoned Ghost Town, which remains frozen in time. A hundred miles into the desert a small town dots the landscape. She jumps out of the car, and walks into the middle of town and finds a post office the size of a small bathroom. She looks down at the ground at personal belongings delicately untouched. She moves gently around them respecting the people and place left long ago.

She is moved and touched by the incredible landscapes all around the country. From towering rock formations to simple reflections in a nearby Long Island pond, she sees beauty and art all around her, and can’t get enough.

Her goal is to inspire and collaborate with artists to build a valuable platform where new and upcoming artists can seek advice and connect with experienced mentors. She has reached out to artists globally, and learned there is incredible talent all around us, who are willing to share. She hopes to bridge the gap and connect these people for meaningful and long lasting relationships full of creativity and inspiration.

Jackie is currently working on a personal project resulting in a production of a photography documentary book. She is currently seeking permission to photograph her subject, and this time it’s not an abandoned building or place. Please contact her if you are interested to learn more about this project.

Jackie's work has been shown in several Galleries through the country and Long Island.

Jackie Stevens sleeps very little, relies on maps not a GPS, and doesn’t do selfies. She is professional photographer based out of Long Island and New York City. Her work, upcoming projects, and Gallery shows can be viewed at

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