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Mary O'Connor

October 20 - December 1

Artist Biography

Mary O’Connor is a local artist who mainly paints landscapes in an impressionistic style.   Her mediums of choice are pastel and watercolor.  Mary is an award winning artist and  is a member of numerous art groups.  She continues to study art, travel and exhibit her work.   Her time is mainly spent in her studio and painting on location. 


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The Riverhead Town Hall art exhibits are a collaborative effort on the part of East End Arts and the Township of Riverhead to support local artists and introduce their works to the community. The public is welcome; admission is free.

Always open to the public.

HOURS: Mondays - Fridays, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
LOCATION: Riverhead Town Hall, 200 Howell Avenue, on the corner of Howell and East Main Street, Riverhead, NY
PHONE: 631-727-3200

For more information and to purchase artwork, contact East End Arts: 631-727-0900 or


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