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Join us on Thursday, August 11, 2016 from 5 - 9 PM for an evening of free public arts: murals, performances, live music, dance, art installation, and more!

Arts take center stage in Downtown Riverhead as East End Arts JumpstART artists unveil their public art projects created during six months of professional development study.

The evening of the event, pick-up a map of events at the East End Arts Gallery, 133 E. Main Street, Riverhead NY click here for more info >>

About the JumpstART Program
East End Arts has developed an intensive curriculum dedicated to the business side of art. It is our belief that with the necessary tools, an artist is better able to take advantage of creative opportunities that arise and be more likely to be aware of opportunities that exist. A limited number of artists of any discipline were accepted into JumpstART. In addition to a number of workshops, all accepted participating artists have the unprecedented opportunity to design and implement a public art project in downtown Riverhead. This program began in 2014.
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Meet the Artists...

AHMAD ALI, musician // Central Islip, NY

PRESENTING Double A Blues Performance
A four-piece band with new music honoring both the Blues tradition and the town of Riverhead. Call and response songs will engage the community.

ARTIST BIO Raised in a diverse community on Long Island, Ahmad was exposed to a wide variety of soul and jazz at home. When he got a job he bought his first guitar. Months later his mom bought him an electric guitar. A year and a half later he was playing in night clubs with some of Long Island's party bands. As time went on, Ahmad gained great experience. By his late 20s, he laid his guitar down and started a family. Ten years later he started back at it, producing all kinds of entertainment events. He played on Soul 4 Real’s album “Heat” and he also worked with James Brown Impersonator “Black Velvet” (aka Charles Bradley)and currently plays with various local groups, The Ahmad Ali Trio, The Double A Blues Band.


Facebook: Ahmad Ali Music


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ANTHONY CATANIA, graphic designer & illustrator // Laurel, NY

PRESENTING Make Riverhead
A postcard campaign and mural of flying fish, both with the intention of opening a dialogue with the public and giving the community a voice in what they would like Riverhead to become.

ARTIST BIO Anthony Catania is a fine artist and graphic designer who works in a variety of mediums informed by a foundation in drawing. Art is as much a means of personal expression for him as it is a way to measure growth and be of service to causes greater than himself. His art was chosen to represent Dowling College at the Art League of Long Island and won Awards of Excellence at the Babylon Art Festival two years in a row. After five years as a graphic designer and illustrator at Ross School, he has worked on various freelance projects for clients including Bedell Cellars. In 2007 he founded Local Where, where he creates stickers, prints and postcards using environmentally responsible materials. His creations are for sale in small businesses around the North Fork of Long Island. He would like to thank Reich Paper, North Fork Woodworks and Marjam Supply Company for their generous support.


Facebook: Anthony Catania

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KATHERINE CRISS, photography & painting // New Hyde Park, NY

PRESENTING Riverhead’s 3-Step Journey Mural
A reflection and acknowledgment of Riverhead’s renewal efforts; including the teamwork of residents, businesses and government in rebuilding a flourishing community.
Katherine's comments: "My piece is a mural tribute to Riverhead town's rebirth, and represents a journey from hope and opportunity to a flourishing community. This mural is meant to encourage viewers to stay the course to building a flourishing community, just as marathon runners are energized along their way by cheering supporters. It will remind business and government teams that they are not alone on the path to renewal. Their shared goals are in sight, and their combined efforts are working."

ARTIST BIO Katherine Criss was born and raised in New York City and moved to Long Island in 2003. Art training includes the High School of Music & Art, the School of Visual Arts and various workshops with artists Francis Criss, Bernice Abbot, Lori Novak, and Ernestine Ruben. Her career started at Leigh Charell Studios, a large commercial photography house in Manhattan. In 1990, she established a freelance consultancy, and produced a vintage photography exhibition for the National Board of the Young Women Christian Association. This exhibit and catalogue, Women First for 135 Years, opened in 1993 at the National Museum for Women in the Arts in Washington DC. Then the exhibition traveled to many of the YWCA's locations across the country. Katherine is a creative leader i.e. holding executive board positions for Professional Women Photographers and b. j. spoke gallery; she now leads a supportive Artist Circle that discusses creative issues; and has been invited by art organizations to judge and critique member's work. A career highlight was having her art selected for both the 2010 and the 2012 Long Island Biennial of Long Island Art sponsored by the Heckscher Museum.


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MICHAEL GUGLIELMO, drummer & certified music therapist // East Hampton, NY

PRESENTING Children's River Music Expression Session
Diverse children, both developmentally disabled children and children with no disabilities, can board the Atlantis Explorer to express themselves in music on Thursday, August 11, 2016 at 6 PM (pick-up location is behind Aquarium along the Peconic Riverfront). Drum Circle at East End Arts at 8 PM that same night.
Michael Guglielmo, will joyfully utilize music as a tool to bring together diverse children in downtown Riverhead (developmentally disabled children and children with no disabilities) for a dynamic Peconic River Music Expression Session. Children and their parents/caregivers will board the Atlantis Explorer; the music session will consist of soaking up, absorbing, experiencing the natural sounds of the River and it’s wildlife, and a percussive River Music Expression Session.

ARTIST BIO Michael Guglielmo is a professional drummer, nationally board-certified music therapist, and an adjunct Jazz educator and drum teacher at the Ross School. He completed a music therapy degree under the academic and spiritual guidance of Evelyn Selesky, Dr. Suzanne Nowikas Sorel, and Dr. John Carpente (music therapy pioneers) from Molloy College in Rockville Centre, NY. Michael graduated with a Bachelor of Science Music Therapy degree in May of 2005, and received his national board certification in September of 2005. Michael has been providing transformative musical experiences to people in community gatherings, senior centers, group homes, youth centers, psychiatric wards, hospice settings and hospitals since 1973. In addition, he has been providing music therapy treatment to special education children in New York State Public Schools from 2005 to the present.


Facebook: Michael Guglielmo

Twitter: @mikeguglielmo55

Instagram: @mginventivedrummer

GoFundMe fundraising page for this project:


JENNIFER INTRAVIA, photographer // Riverhead, NY

PRESENTING There is No App for This
Emerging artist Jenny Intravia presents "There is No App For This", a photographic installation inside the River and Roots Community Garden. This piece depicts the small wonders of Mother Nature as seen through her lens. Each photograph is infused into a metal hexagon then placed together to form a large honeycomb - in an effort to raise awareness of our dying bee population due to pollution and pesticides. The images reflect nature and what our children miss out on and stand to lose in the age of technology. It's time to get back to the garden, get our hands in the soil, dance with the bees and play. Like bees, we can work together to create a sustainable, healthy community for all to appreciate and enjoy!

ARTIST BIO Jenny Intravia, a nature lover and self taught photographer, lives on the North Fork of Long Island. Inspired by local communities, farms and animals, Jenny highlights the wonders of Mother Nature in an effort to raise awareness of what we stand to lose in this time of climate change. 


Facebook: Sunday Drive Photography

Instagram: @jennyintravia

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JAMES JOHANSEN, painter // East Northport, NY

PRESENTING Celebrating Local Kids
Celebrating four Riverhead kids by painting their portrait and incorporating what they like about their community.

ARTIST BIO James Johansen is a self-taught artist born in Huntington, NY. Painting for over 25 years, his artistic career began working in private homes and commercial settings painting murals and faux finishes. In 1995, James first received significant exposure for his design work and painting of restaurant, Campo de Fiori, in Aspen, Colorado. This acclaim culminated in an award by Food and Wine Magazine for “Original Artistic Atmosphere.” James works with all types of mediums, although to capture the movement of water for his wave or seascape paintings he uses oils on canvas. He will often apply an under glazing or over glazing with his oils to evoke the atmosphere of light in the surroundings. James spends a lot of time watching the sea and its changes as wind, sunlight and the pull of gravity ripple its surface, viewing himself “like a spy in the natural landscape, waiting for a happening.” The subtle and ever-changing nature of the water and tides inspires his hope is to bring peace to the viewer. James has shown in East Hampton, Bridgehampton and Soho, New York and Ravenheart gallery in Aspen, Colorado. His work has been featured and mentioned in USA Today and Architectural Digest. His paintings have also been a popular at local auctions for charity.


GoFundMe fundraising page for this project:


TERESA LAWLER, glass artist // East Hampton, NY

PRESENTING Peconic Clean
This environmental glass fusing sculpture floating in Grangebel Park Pond is created from glass, local driftwood and recycled materials.
Teresa comments: "I am creating an environmental fused glass sculpture installation that will float on the pond of downtown Riverhead at Grangebel Park. The premise is to inspire the public to think about the wetlands: ponds, rivers, bays and open water, as well as the sea life that lives in it. The round glass fusing pieces represents the conflict of the nitrogen and pollution in the water. Pollution, run off and nitrogen are a concern in our water."

ARTIST BIO The visual artist Teresa (Perrault) Lawler was raised in Montauk and since marrying, raised her own family in East Hampton, NY. With one masters degree in Education and another in Computer Technology, she was an art teacher in the East Hampton public school system for 22 years. As a schoolteacher, Teresa constantly expanded her knowledge of different mediums and techniques. She believes in the value of being an educated artist. If one doesn’t know how to use it, build it, create it, then one should try to learn how! Her exploratory approach, as an art teacher is what eventually led her to her current passion: glass fusing. Teresa fondly remembers her first glass fusing classes with Vermont glass artist Genevieve Cole. Using scientific principles to manipulate her medium and create a landscape out of glass still fills her with awe and excitement. While she enjoys photography, drawing and painting with traditional mediums, glass fusing allows her greater experimentation while still achieving a painterly style. Her most valuable influence is her father, who passed away in 1996. He told her when she was a young girl that art isn’t all in one direction. This basic truth has proved itself in her art practice and motivates her to use all mediums available when planning her vision in glass. Letting the process of art lead her in many directions, she has succeeded in creating works that still bring her home.


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KENDRA MACE-CLARK, contemporary dancer & choreographer // Southampton, NY

PRESENTING Dancing in the Rain
A chance to embrace your inner Gene Kelly! Come twirl an umbrella through a wet interactive dance installation! Performance on Thursday, August 11, 2016 at 6 PM just west of 121 W. Main Street, across from the Suffolk Theater.
Dancing in the Rain is an interactive dance site inspired by the film Singing in the Rain. The community is invited to twirl an umbrella as they splash through a refreshingly cool mist!

ARTIST BIO Kendra Mace is a dancer, teaching artist, and emerging contemporary choreographer. Mace’s BA in Psychology and Dance from California State University, Fullerton launched a professional contract with a leading cruise line, where she integrated folk dance and tourism to entertain passengers. She broadened her knowledge of dance languages and nurtured her inimitable dance style studying traditional dance forms around the world. She earned a MFA in Dance from Sarah Lawrence College. Mace’s no holds barred physicality led her to be casted in works by Maxine Sherman, Rashaun Mitchell, Jodi Melnick, Dianne McIntyre, Buglisi Dance Theatre at Lincoln Center, and a reconstruction of Martha Graham’s 1931 masterpiece Primitive Mysteries at The Joyce Theatre. Mace’s choreography has been commissioned and performed nationally. Mace is the recipient of the DeGarmo Choreography Award and premiered her work for the Dance Festival at the Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural Center. Mace also develops enrichment programs for academic institutions in partnership with ArtsWestchester and DeGarmo Dance.


Instagram: @Kendramaceclark

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ELLEN PAUL, painter // Sag Harbor, NY

PRESENTING Nurture Nature
A friendly new water animal mural on the fence blocking out dumpsters, where children are at play. Mini art workshop for kids at Thursday, August 11, 2016, from 5 – 7 PM near the River & Roots Community Garden playground.
This 4’ x 8’ mural depicts water animals and birds thriving in their water environment. The location is on the fence of the playground next to the River and Roots Organic Community Garden on West Main Street in Riverhead, where it can block out dumpsters from neighboring businesses.

ARTIST BIO Ellen Paul was born in Manhattan, NY, but has lived nearly all of her life in Sag Harbor, NY. She degrees from Long Island University and Suffolk County Community College; and also studied with artists in their studios and in workshops. She is self-taught in creating three-dimensional artwork with found and invented objects. Abstract Expressionism is her main but is not her only passion. Ms. Paul has been exhibiting her work since 1993 in group and solo shows in East End museums, colleges, art organizations, public offices, libraries, and galleries; and on local television stations. Images and reviews of her work have appeared in The New York Times, East Hampton Star, Southampton Press, Sag Harbor Express, Lilith Magazine,, and Channel 12 News. She has also won recognition for abstract art. Her work is included in private collections in New York, California, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, and South Carolina.


JOHN PRUDENTE, graphic designer, painter, signmaker // Shirley, NY

PRESENTING More Fun than a Barrel of Monkeys
12 Monkeys: Sculpture, paintings, mix media digital graphics, and neon throughout downtown Riverhead.
John comments: "I am creating 12 Monkeys from the Hasbro game Barrel of Monkeys with their permission. The monkeys are in various mediums from painting, sculpture, neon, and mixed media."

ARTIST BIO John Prudente was born and raised in Levittown, NY. Growing up in the 1980s, John was enamored with popular culture. That being said, John's chosen focus is pop culture; the recognizable imagery of famous people and icons which have brought countless moments of joy and drama into our lives. Influences of artists of the Pop Art movement such as Andy Warhol. John received a Bachelors in Fine Arts In 2002. Soon after, John got his first job as a graphic designer at a direct mail company designing product labels and advertising brochures. It was after that John found his professional calling as a graphic designer in the sign industry. For over a decade, he has been creating and branding for local companies. John combines materials and techniques from the industry with a fine art flair to produce his art. Besides traditional paint and canvas, John enjoys working with more commercial substrates found in his industry



Twitter: @purplelantern25

Instagram: @purplelantern25


IndieGoGo fundraising page for this project:


PATTI ROBINSON, collage artist & jeweler // Westhampton Beach, NY

PRESENTING Riverhead Time Warp
Celebrate the history of Main Street while collaborating with the artist to create a large collage mural.

ARTIST BIO Patti Robinson is an artist and teaching artist working with repurposed materials in many different forms, including collage, mixed media, fashion, sculpture, and design. She has a BFA in Art and Art History from Arcadia University. One of her influences was her work archiving the source materials of the sculptor and collage artist Joseph Cornell. She received Best in Show in the “Art of the Non-Dominant Hand” at the East End Arts Gallery in Spring 2016 and has a solo exhibition at The ArtAtrium in Westhampton Beach in Summer 2016. Her mixed media design work has been featured in Cloth Paper Scissors magazine,,, and in the storefront windows of Donna Karan’s Urban Zen boutique.



Instagram: @PattiRobinsonArt

JAMES SEBOR, acrylic painter // Shelter Island Heights, NY

PRESENTING Rolling on the River
Improvisational band and art exhibit – 1960’s happening style! “Rolling on the River” is an interactive art and music happening where the artist will be exhibiting paintings and assembling an improvisational 4-piece band with an open mic for poets and vocalists.

ARTIST BIO Like so many of us, James Sebor grew up with a third parent - television. Television is, by its very nature, a surreal world. And to the fertile mind of a naturally creative child, unfettered by adult perceptions, it's a world of limitless possibilities. Aside from early TV exposure to artists like Max Fletcher and Chuck Jones, James has been influenced by other artists such as Hieronymus Bosch, Rene’ Magritte, Thomas Hart Benton, M.C. Escher, Vincent Van Gogh, and Francisco de Goya. On a full scholarship he obtained a BA from Southampton College and continued graduate studies at New York's School of Visual Arts. Early on he was a prize winner in an international art competition held at the Pyramid gallery in NYC. He was juried into the Parrish Art Museum with his “Horton Plaza” painting and then showed “Lunch”, “Breakfast” and “The Art of Fishing” at the Peri Renneth Gallery in Southampton. He then left Long Island for California. There, in Oceanside, he found the closest thing to an artist's "heaven on earth," a studio over a pizza parlor. He worked there for three years, appeared in two shows and further developed his vision as an artist. Today, he lives on Shelter Island NY, playing the gallery game, playing drums in a band, and married to a psychologist. His work has been published in books (Metamorphosis) and magazines (Cover, LI PULSE, May 2008). He has been invited to two (2003 and 2006) international Surrealist Exhibitions and has sold pieces through galleries and the web to clients in the US and as far away as Indonesia.



Fundraising page for this project:


ELIZABETH WAGNER, photographer // Riverhead, NY

PRESENTING The Gummy Bear Project
This colorful celebration of downtown Riverhead’s sweet spots via gummy bear photography features a pop-up gallery and interactive candy photo booth inside a repurposed bank vault. Fun for the young and young at heart!

ARTIST BIO Riverhead native Elizabeth Wagner is a self-taught fine art photographer and multidisciplinary artist exploring the world’s most colorful people, places, and candy through digital media, sculpture, and upcycled art. Her portfolio features sweets, landscapes, wildlife, and abstractions shot throughout the US, Europe, and Asia. Her work with her favorite subject, HQ the Maltipoo, has been published by over 100 media outlets worldwide including Comedy Central, ABC, BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post, and Country Living. She is a recipient of several fine art competition ribbons and regularly exhibits and collaborates with local arts organizations. Wagner holds a MPA in Urban Planning & Public Information Management from the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy at SUNY Albany, BA in Economics from Stony Brook University, Certificate in Comparative Social Policy at the University of Amsterdam, and Certificate in Foreign Language & Culture from St. Petersburg State University in Russia.



Instagram: @Candyland.Photography

GoFundMe fundraising page for this project:


HOLLY WILLIAMS, graphic designer & printmaker // Jamesport, NY

PRESENTING Native Wildlife Identification Sign
This permanently installed sign illustrates and identifies native Peconic River wildlife.
This Peconic Riverfront parks wildlife identification sign project is both visually enjoyable and educational about our local wildlife.

ARTIST BIO Graphic designer and printmaker Holly Williams explores the environments that surround her, using design as her medium of translating and communicating their stories. Born and raised on the rural North Fork of Long Island, Holly grew up on a small family farm filled with animals, such as cats, dogs, horses and 60+ chickens. She has a passion for colorful, personality filled design and printed matter. While studying graphic design at Purchase College's School of Art and Design, she developed her design interests in typography, letterpress, bookbinding, and printmaking. "I have a love for the physical, printed material that is meant to be held, interacted with and experienced by the viewer."


Instagram: @albinolupin

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“Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.” ~ Anni Albers

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