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Teeny Awards

Teeny Awards Judges' Handbook

East End Arts Teeny Awards 
Judge's Handbook 2022-2023

Teeny Awards Coordinator: Kasia Klimiuk
Cell Phone: 516-297-4123

Commitment & Responsibilities

1. Judges must commit to a minimum of 6 shows per season (October through June).

2. Judges act as representatives of East End Arts (“EEA”) and must represent themselves professionally in the community, at the school productions, and the Teeny Awards ceremony. Including all outlets: social media, press inquiries, and web platforms.

3. Judges should remain anonymous at all times, including during the school productions and the Teeny Awards ceremony. It is important that the students don’t know who the judges are at each performance and we ask that you refrain from taking notes during the shows. Be sure to save the playbills for completing the evaluation rubric.

4. Judges are volunteer and invited to adjudicate shows at will. They can be terminated at any time by EEA for unprofessional conduct, conflicts of interest, or inappropriate behavior.

5. Judges will not have any conflicts of interest at participating schools such as family members that are involved with the theater productions or be involved in the productions (i.e. director, producer, choreographer, musical director, pit conductor). Should a conflict of interest be determined, the judge will not be allowed to adjudicate the show.

Show Attendance & Scheduling

1. Judges are responsible for completing Doodle schedules and attending or watching shows that they sign up for. Once you have signed up to adjudicate a show, we depend on you to be there. If you are not available to attend, you must contact the Teeny Awards Coordinator immediately so that the tickets can be allocated to another judge.

2. Your name will be submitted for your ticket reservation and the coordinator will follow up with each school for accountability purposes to

make sure the judge attended the show. Tickets are complimentary for judges; however, some schools cannot afford to distribute free tickets with their arts budgets. Judges will be asked to purchase tickets if they are able to do so.

3. Depending on the size of the school, judges may have a plus one attend the show with them. This is a privilege and is only accommodated by each school based on availability. If a complimentary plus one is not made available by the school, judges or their guest are expected to pay for the extra ticket.

Scoring & Evaluation Rubrics

1. Evaluation rubrics will be completed on Google Forms. Rubrics must be submitted by the deadline or they will not be considered. Each rubric will be due 2 weeks after the final show date at each high school.

a. For example, if a show runs November 5th, 6th, and 7th; the rubric will be due November 21st at midnight.

2. Rubrics can be printed from Google Forms, but judges are advised to not have them out during the performances. Rubrics must be submitted in one sitting and cannot be saved or revisited. You do not get a confirmation email that it was submitted. The coordinator keeps track of all submissions and can always let you know if your rubric was submitted or not.

3. Judges may not add to a lead or supporting category. If there is someone that you would like to see recognized that is not, include them in the “Outstanding Performer,” category.

4. Do not judge actors:

a. Because you disagree with the category OR

b. Because you don’t like them.


· Lead Female & Male Actor in a Staged Play

· Lead Female & Male Actor in a Staged Musical

· Supporting Female & Male Actor in a Staged Play

· Supporting Female & Male Actor in a Staged Musical

· Outstanding Student Choreography in a Staged Play or Musical

· Outstanding Poster Design

· Outstanding Performer in a Staged Play or Musical – This award is awarded to someone not nominated in the lead or supporting categories.

· Judges’ Choice Award – This award is chosen by the judges in a vote. It is for a particular scene, musical number, dance number, ensemble effort, or group that the judges feel stands out enough to warrant special recognition.

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