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Barbara Imperiale

Barbara Imperiale is an art teacher who began her career as a photographer, receiving a BFA degree in Photography, a Masters degree in Art Education, and is working toward a Masters degree in Fine Art from Moore College of Art & Design. She has experience teaching all grade levels, Pre-K through college and currently teaches during the year at a public school in Southampton. Her passion for art history, digital imaging and the everlasting need to contentiously learn new things, propels her both in her teaching and professional artistic practices. Working with a range of students inspires and rejuvenates her to create and explore her own artwork. She is currently working in watercolors and ceramics but truly loves the range of artistic materials from charcoal life drawing and encaustic, to digital imaging and printing. Barbara tries to surround her students, no matter their skill level, with art history references that will inspire a student's thirst for knowledge while motivating them to reach beyond their current skill set.

“Art is not always about the outcome; the most important learning comes from the process of making art. I adore watching a student for the first time learn from their own doing, while looking through their progression of where they started to their new level of achievement, it is an experience that they never forget. I hope to inspire students to learn more about themselves through art practices as research. “

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