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David Voss

David Voss is a composer whose works are fueled by an intense curiosity in music’s vast timbral diversity and expressive potential. Most of his music is inspired by the artistic creations of other individuals as well as the musical traditions of other cultures, with significant influence from traditional Japanese music. Hiscompositions have been performed all over the country and by a variety of ensembles, including the Lawrence Symphony Orchestra, the German vocal ensemble Singer Pur, the Atlantic Music Festival Contemporary Ensemble, and the All Star Double Reed Band. He has received multiple commissions from organizations, recently including the International Double Reed Society and St. Mark Lutheran Church.
David Voss has studied piano with Nancy Terhorst, Catherine Kautsky and Luba Poliak and has worked as an piano instructor in the Chicago suburbs as an accompanist in the voice studios of Teresa Seidl of John Gates. Active as an accompanist working for churches, orchestras and choirs, David has performed with the Lawrence University Viking Chorale and Concert Choir, as well as with the Santa Rosa Symphony Youth Orchestra and the Lawrence Symphony Orchestra on piano and celeste.

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