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Matthew Barnard

Matthew Barnard attends Ithaca College School of Music as a music education major to one day become a certified music educator. He has studied with much of the school’s esteemed faculty including Calvin Wiersma and Susan Waterbury on violin, as well as James Mick and Julie Carr in music education, among others in both music theory, history and ensemble studies. Matthew has been an active member of the Ithaca College Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Jeffery Meyer for three years, and has been given the opportunity to perform both chamber and solo works in a multitude of genres and styles. Having been exercised in string pedagogy, he has built upon a creative style of teaching that involves singing and movement for the novice, as well as in-depth discussion and analysis of technique and musicality for the more advanced player.
Matthew continues to be an active member of the Riverhead community as a music tutor and has been a volunteer at the East End Arts every summer since high school, helping conduct and train small ensembles.
(as of January 2017)

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