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Annual Members Show: Dan's Reimagined

Dan's Reimagined: January 29 – March 4, 2022

Welcome to EEA's Annual Elizabeth Richard Memorial Members' Show 2022!

Dan's Reimagined Inspiration: 
There are few visuals more iconic to the East End of Long Island than a cover of Dan's Papers. In 1987, after decades of being a traditional newsprint, Dan Rattiner made a bold move. "I thought it might really help the artists of the Hamptons if I put a glossy wrap around the paper and published the artwork of some of our fine painters as a frontispiece to the publication. It would be unique, something nobody had ever done before. Would people still pick up the paper?" recalls Dan in a 2011 story. Despite naysayers, including artists themselves, Dan stuck to his vision and has showcased thousands of artists. This Members' Show is a nod to Dan's creativity and resolve as well as to those who have graced the cover of Dan's Papers over the years.

All works in this exhibition are by EEA Members. Each reimagination is inspired by artwork from a past cover, and the show includes a vast array of mediums, most of which differ from the medium of the inspiration piece. The gallery website includes the exhibition piece along with its inspiration.

All cover images credit: Dan's Papers.

Participating Artists (inspired by):

  • Adam Straus (Howard Stern)
  • Adele Wallach (Dave Kornrumpf)
  • Anika Griffing (Jackson Pollock)
  • Bette Lederle (Bo Bartlett)
  • Bonnie Zulli (Mimi Gross)
  • Clayton Orehek (Carl Bretzke)
  • Corinne Tousey (Maureen Tanzer)
  • Diane Van Velsor (Daniel Pollera)
  • DJ Collins (Alexis Rockman)
  • Eileen Kelly (Elaine de Kooning)
  • Eileen Novack (Hulbert Waldroup)
  • Eli Stoneman (Jane Hartley)
  • Elizabeth Schaeffler (Gayle Tudisco)
  • Ellen Kingston (Gina Schifano)
  • Frankie Neptune (Walter Sternlieb)
  • Glen Hansen (Glen Hansen)
  • Jack Gismondi (Mickey Paraskavis)
  • Janet Fink (Joe Chierchio)
  • Jim Lennon (Mike Stanko)
  • Joan Fabian (Casey Chalem Anderson)
  • Kenneth Jackson (Uncredited)
  • Kim Mendelson (Howard Stern)
  • Linda Davison Mathues (Joe Reboli)
  • Lisa Claisse (Aubrey Ashburn)
  • Madeline Daversa (Michael Schweigart)
  • Mark Levine (Daniel Pollera)
  • Marla Milne (Daniel Pollera)
  • Michael Remski (Mike Stanko)
  • Mike McLaughlin (Curtis Hopp)
  • Neil B. Young (Mike Stanko)
  • Pamela Collins (Christine D'Addario)
  • Patricia Kelly-Derenze (Patricia Feiler)
  • Paul Mele (Reu'ven Gayle)
  • Quincy Egginton (Sandra Bloodworth)
  • Sherry Davis (Dick Stone)
  • Thomas McSwane (Pamela Topham)
  • Tonito Valderrama (Mike Stanko)
  • Wendy Weiss (Suzy Smith)

“Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.” ~ Anni Albers

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